5 Things To Consider When Chosing Employees For LOTO Training

If you're like owners or managers of manufacturing, food processing, automotive, or other businesses where employees routinely work with hazardous equipment and/or materials, you undoubtedly already know that having a good lockout procedure is essential for the health and safety of your employees — and it's also required per OSHA regulations. However, if you're like many employers, you may also struggle with choosing which employees are best suited for lockout training. [Read More]

Reasons To Consider Having A Custom Patio Shade Installed

You have probably seen patios with custom patio shades in the past. However, you might have never gotten to the point where you wanted one for your own home patio. Of course, if you are not familiar with just how beneficial they can be, you might not see the urgency in getting something like this installed. To help you determine whether you and your loved ones could enjoy a patio shade, you will want to continue reading. [Read More]

Why Some Governments Incentivize Commercial Abatement Projects

There is nothing like a newly renovated commercial building. Customers feel safer when a building is in better condition and you'll be able to improve the reputation of your business. If you participate in a commercial abatement program, you'll also be able to receive an exemption from your property taxes for several years. Abatement Program Options The abatement program is for commercial improvements. You might choose to construct a new building, rehabilitate an existing building, or add an addition to an existing building. [Read More]

The 4 Stages Of Demolishing A Commercial Building

Demolishing a commercial structure is a process that requires as much attention as it took to build it. Commercial demolition services companies aim to conduct their work in defined stages. Building owners and other stakeholders should be aware of what these stages are. Planning The first step is to plan for the coming challenges. Working with a team of commercial demolition contractors, you'll need to assess what the structure of the building is like. [Read More]