The Two Cs

Is Your Chimney Clean Enough For The Winter?

If you plan to get your home ready for the cold season early this year, don't forget to clean your chimney as well. Even if you only use or need your chimney for a few weeks at a time in the cold season, you still want to ensure it's clean enough to use when you do. If you don't give your chimney a good cleaning now, you may experience problems with it later. Learn why you should prepare your chimney for winter now below. 

What's Lurking Inside Your Chimney?

If you burn wood inside your fireplace during the cold season, go ahead and clean your chimney now. Wood releases toxic gases, fumes, and substances as it burns, including creosote and carbon monoxide. The smoke created by wood can also create soot inside your fireplace and chimney. Even if you manage to remove soot and other toxins from your fireplace, the substances can still reside inside your chimney.

The byproducts created by burning wood can infiltrate the air inside your home. Children, older adults, and even pets can become ill if they inhale the substances. Some substances can cause hidden health problems for your loved ones over time. 

If you're uncertain about the condition of your chimney and would like to clean it out, schedule a chimney cleaning appointment today. 

What's a Good Way to Clean Your Chimney?

Cleaning out your chimney isn't something you want to do alone. You must clean every area of your chimney, including the fireplace and firebox, to ensure it stays safe this winter. If you cover the top of your chimney with a cap, you also want to ensure it's in good condition before the cold season arrives. Animals and birds can use the cap to enter your fireplace when it becomes too cold outside.

A contractor will view the inside of your chimney during the visit. The viewing helps determine whether or not your chimney contains anything that could hinder the cleaning, including small animals. If your chimney is clear, a contractor will begin the cleaning.

The cleaning may take some time to do, depending on the condition of your chimney. If your chimney contains problems, such as a cracked flue or missing masonry, a contractor will need to repair them before they proceed. Your chimney should be safe to use this cold season after the cleaning and/or repairs. 

Learn more about chimney cleaning before the cold season by contacting a contractor now.