The Two Cs

How To Determine If Your Home In Need Of Professional Foundation Work

As a homeowner, it's crucial to understand the importance of a solid foundation for your house. The foundation serves as the backbone, providing stability and structural integrity to your home. Over time, however, various factors can cause damage to your foundation, potentially leading to costly repairs if left unaddressed. 

Cracks in Walls or Floors

One of the most common signs of foundation problems is cracks in your concrete walls, floors, or ceilings that are allowing water in. These cracks can manifest in different sizes, ranging from minor hairline fractures to more severe gaps. 

If you observe cracks forming, it is essential to call a foundation repair specialist. The foundation company will inspect the foundation of the home and determine the appropriate course of action.

If the foundation is stone or concrete block construction, you may also notice mortar cracking and falling out of the joints. Repairing the seams is possible, but it requires some professional knowledge to ensure it last over time.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Have you noticed doors or windows that are suddenly difficult to open or close? This can be an indication of foundation issues. When the foundation shifts or settles unevenly, it can cause misalignment in the frames, resulting in sticking or jamming. 

If you experience this problem consistently, it's worth investigating further to identify the underlying cause and prevent further damage. You may also notice the walls in your home developing cracks, especially sheetrock or plaster, with seems that can crack when they move.

Uneven Floors

If you notice that your floors are no longer level, it's a red flag for foundation problems. You may detect sloping or sagging in certain areas of your home, creating an uneven surface. 

This issue not only affects the aesthetics of your living space but can also impact the structural stability of your home. A professional foundation repair contractor can evaluate the situation and suggest a solution to restore your floors to their proper level.

Water Drainage Issues

Improper water drainage can significantly impact your foundation's health. Excessive moisture accumulation around the base of your home can cause the soil to expand, leading to foundation movement or even erosion. The water can also work its way through the concrete, causing damage to the structure and making it brittle.  

Keep an eye out for pooling water near the foundation or a damp basement, as these are often signs of foundation problems. Addressing drainage issues right away can help prevent further damage and the need for extensive repairs.

Gaps around Windows and Doors

As your foundation shifts, gaps may develop between your windows, doors, and frames. These openings often allow drafts, moisture, and pests to enter your home. Foundation repair specialists can assess these gaps and provide appropriate solutions, ensuring a tight seal around your windows and doors.

For more information, reach out to a foundation repair service near you.