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3 Reasons To Have An Annual Video Sewer Pipe Inspection

If you have a problem with your sewer pipe, then your plumber might use a video camera to see inside the pipe and find the source of the problem. However, these inspections aren't just for emergencies.

You can book regular camera inspections, say once a year, just to check out the pipe. This inspection is a useful addition to your routine home maintenance schedule, especially if you live on an older property.

Why are annual inspections a good idea?

1. Keep Your Sewer Pipe Clean

Sewer pipes get dirty over time. The wastewater they carry leaves residue on the inside of these pipes. If enough dirt builds up, then pipes don't work efficiently; they might ultimately get clogged up and blocked.

During a video inspection, your plumber usually flushes out the pipe to clean it so that they can see it clearly. You get a bonus cleaning during this work. Your pipe will work more efficiently and is less likely to clog if you have a regular flush clean.

2. Spot Damage Early

You won't necessarily notice problems in sewer pipes immediately. You can't see these pipes because they sit in the ground. You're more likely to realize that a pipe is damaged or broken when you have a significant problem such as a noticeable leak or blockage.

Problem is, even a small sewer pipe leak can cause some damage to other parts of your home if it goes unnoticed for long enough. For example, if water drips constantly under your home for years, then you could have foundation problems down the line.

An annual inspection ensures that you can spot problems at an early stage. You can repair the pipe and prevent small amounts of damage from developing into more serious problems.

3. Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

While an annual video inspection costs money, your spending here could also save you money. For example, you're less likely to have sewer pipe emergencies if you inspect the pipe regularly. This saves on emergency plumbing callout charges.

Regular inspections can also increase a pipe's working life. If you can spot potential problems early and fix them, then your pipe will last longer. It is less likely to suffer from serious damage.

If you monitor your pipe and fix small problems before they get worse, then your overall costs also reduce. You might have to pay for minor repairs; however, you're less likely to have to pay for a larger fix.

To find out more, contact plumbers and ask them about their video sewer inspection services.