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4 Reasons Asphalt Is An Ideal Driveway Paving Material

When opting for a paved driveway installation, you have a number of options as a property owner, such as concrete, paver stones, and asphalt. Even though asphalt is often thought of for commercial applications only, you can opt to have an asphalt driveway installed on your residential property just the same. There are good reasons why asphalt is commonly used on commercial and public roadways and parking areas. Many of these reasons carry over when it comes to residential applications as well. Check out a few reasons asphalt makes an ideal material to use for driveway installation on residential properties. 

Asphalt Produces a Smoother Ride  

One reason asphalt is used to pave public highways is the material offers one of the smoothest rides. The density of the material and the inclusion of rubber aggregates helps to absorb shock and reduce vibrations when the wheels roll across the surface. Even though your driveway may not involve high-speed driving or a long drive, the smoothness and low noise of driving on your asphalt driveway can still be appreciated. 

Asphalt Is Highly Durable 

Once an asphalt driveway is installed, you can easily expect to get decades of good use out of the paved surface with the proper maintenance and care. Applying asphalt sealer every few years can even prolong the life span so you get even more years of use. Therefore, even though asphalt can be a bit more costly initially to install, the duration of the pavement can make the extra expense well worth it. 

Asphalt Has Environmentally Friendly Attributes 

Many people do not know that asphalt has some sustainable attributes compared to something like concrete. Asphalt is one of the most reclaimed materials in the country. When asphalt reaches the end of its life span or is removed during a demolition project, it can be broken down into aggregate that can be used to make new asphalt. Further, asphalt often contains recycled materials from everything from old tires to roofing shingles. 

Asphalt Can Help with Stormwater Management 

Asphalt comes in different forms, but a form you may not know about is the porous type. Porous asphalt has tiny holes that allow water to seep through the material during periods of high rain. Therefore, if you live in an area that gets heavy rainfall during a storm, you won't have to worry that runoff from your driveway will cause washouts along the sides. 

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