The Two Cs

Asphalt Sealcoating: Application Tips To Remember

To extend the lifespan of asphalt surfaces, one thing you can do is apply a sealcoat to them. This gives asphalt added protection from the elements, such as water and the sun. If you plan to apply a sealcoat yourself, here are some helpful protocols to follow.

Thoroughly Clean Asphalt First

In order for a sealcoat to stick to asphalt and thus hold up for a long time, the surface needs to be clean. For this reason, make sure you take some time to thoroughly clean the asphalt before you proceed with the sealcoat application. 

Every inch of the asphalt surface should ideally be pressure-washed. Then dirt and debris that have accumulated over the months will wash away, leaving you with asphalt that's more accepting of the sealcoat solution that you ultimately invest in. 

Use Tools That a Sealcoat Manufacturer Recommends

Once you find the right sealcoat to put on asphalt around your property, you need to see what installation tools are recommended by the manufacturer of said sealcoat. You want to comply with their suggestions because it will help you get the best application results possible.

They may suggest applying the sealcoat with a special type of squeegee that's made out of certain materials and is a certain size, for instance. You just need to do exactly as they say. Then you'll have a smooth application process to look forward to and the sealcoat will form properly over asphalt that warrants additional protection.

Make Sure the Weather Is Ideal

The weather will have a huge impact on the type of application results you can get with sealcoating asphalt surfaces. For this reason, you want to plan this renovation for a day when the weather is nice.

Make sure it's not too hot outside. If it's hot, the sealcoat may dry too fast and thus not have the same properties that it needs from a protection standpoint. You also need to make sure it's not going to rain on your installation date. Such a simple preparation can help you deal with asphalt sealcoating in a competent manner.

Sealcoating is something you might consider for asphalt surfaces that you want to protect around your property, such as driveways and patios. You just need to make sure you know how to approach the application, which isn't that hard if you use the right tools, select an appropriate sealcoat product, and take your time with this process. 

For more information about asphalt sealcoating, contact a local company.