The Two Cs

Why Some Governments Incentivize Commercial Abatement Projects

There is nothing like a newly renovated commercial building. Customers feel safer when a building is in better condition and you'll be able to improve the reputation of your business. If you participate in a commercial abatement program, you'll also be able to receive an exemption from your property taxes for several years.

Abatement Program Options

The abatement program is for commercial improvements. You might choose to construct a new building, rehabilitate an existing building, or add an addition to an existing building. 

The Removal of Hazardous Materials

One of the most important aspects of commercial abatement is removing hazardous materials found on your commercial property. For example, some office buildings have had to be completely gutted because they had a mold problem. Businesses and local governments are concerned about these hazards because they often negatively impact the health of employees and customers who patronize the business. 

The Health Benefits of Commercial Abatement

Mold is a fungus that grows on damp surfaces. It can cause respiratory problems and can also cause damage to the building if it is not corrected. Various methods need to be used to remove mold from a surface such as:

  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Using a HEPA vacuum
  • Air scrubbing
  • Cleaning out ductwork

Mold can be difficult to eliminate but it is possible as long as you are working with a professional contractor. In some cases, walls need to be torn down so that mold can then be removed.

Lead and Asbestos

Other problems that can be common with older buildings are lead-based paint and asbestos. There are fortunately various sophisticated methods that can be used to efficiently remove lead-based paint. These include:

  • Mechanical methods
  • Blasting
  • Heat guns
  • Special chemicals

As for asbestos removal, the removal service must determine whether the asbestos is a threat and will remove the materials if necessary. These materials are health hazards that need to be removed quickly to protect your building.

Improve the Value of Your Business

Everything you do to improve the condition of the commercial property can potentially increase the value of your building. Potential buyers will be more willing to purchase your building because it will require fewer renovations, will be safer, and will reflect well on their brand.

To make sure that the abatement is successful, you must work with a highly trained workforce that is highly experienced and has very high standards for performance when performing renovations.

To learn more, contact a professional commercial abatement service in your area.