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Pole Barn Builders: What To Know If You Want To Put A Barn On Your New Land

If you have purchased a large amount of land and you aren't ready to build a home but need to have a shelter so you can store lawn equipment or other things, look into pole barn building. There are many advantages to having a pole barn on the land, and you can customize it to look however you want.

You can do something as simple as a foundation and barn with walls and a roof, or invest in something more elaborate with a bathroom, second-story living area, and sport court floors. There are many advantages to putting up this kind of barn, including:

  • Economically friendly
  • Fast to put up 
  • Easy construction
  • Great insulation

These barns have been popular for over a century. Here are things to talk with the builder about when getting a quote.


Make a list of the things you'll want to store in the barn. If you are looking to store more than just lawnmowers and lawn maintenance equipment, the size will need to increase. If you want to have a second story that is usable, a small kitchen other features, the builder should be able to give you different standard size options and layout possibilities. The bigger the barn the more expensive it will be, but since you're only building the barn once, be sure to get what you want and need.


This post-frame construction building is anchored a few feet below the ground with steel poles. These poles are an important part of the foundation, and then steel or wood beams will be used to frame the building. Once the frame is in place sheet metal will be used for the walls.

Talk about the type of roof you want on the barn, if you want to match your home or do something different than normal, this will add to the cost. Talk about the cost of different premade kits, custom options, and with the added features that will add materials.

Labor Expenses

The material expenses should be similar throughout the different quotes you get, however, the labor costs may be very different. Talk with the team of builders to find out how much their services are to install the barn and compare them with other local companies. You may even want to reach out to any Amish, Mennonites, or others in the area that specialize in building to get pricing.

Be sure that there are warranties on the materials and the work that is done. If you want to utilize your land and you need a structure, a pole barn is a perfect option for you to have installed today.

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