The Two Cs

Want To Build A Home But Worry About Materials And Cost? Find A Custom Home Builder

The home-building process can be a great experience and an easy way to get a high-quality home if you choose the right custom builder. If you are looking to start the building process but haven't picked a builder yet, there are a few things to do.

Custom builders who do great work may have a bit of a wait and have a contractor fee higher than track builders who put up large subdivisions quickly. Here are some questions you want to discuss with any builder you're entertaining using for your new home.

Timeline and Project Duration Estimates

When getting a custom-built home, there are going to be unforeseen delays, but you want a contractor that is dedicated to sticking to a schedule. Ask the builder about the:

  • Amount of houses the company has in construction at one time
  • Months set aside for the build
  • Estimated timeline for the home build with details of the process
  • Current concerns about inventory and employees

The builder should be able to tell you when the stages of the build occur, how long the house will take from ground break to hydroseed, and when in the future they can fit you in.

Costs Throughout the Build

The pandemic has left shortages in many fields, and building materials around the globe are no exception. When talking with the builder about the costs of the building process, here are some things to verify before agreeing to any contract or terms:

  • General contractor fees don't fluctuate over time — they are a set price in the contract
  • Substitutions for materials already picked out will be done with materials of a similar cost
  • No hidden fees or unexpected costs if you stick to the original build

You don't want to start the build under contract for a price, and then end the project tens of thousands of dollars over that price.

With a good contractor and custom-building company managing your build, you should be able to get the house that you want with the materials that you envision. Take the time to find the right building company for you, and to pick out the right materials. Having backup material choices is also a good idea in case there are complications with what you pick out.

Home building projects can experience unexpected costs and delays, but with a custom home builder, these should be minimal. Check for proof of each builder's general contracting license and their standing with the Better Business Bureau before signing the contract.