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Constant Clogs In Your Kitchen Sink? Hire A Plumber To Take Care Of This

If you are having constant clogs in your kitchen sink, you first need to determine why it is getting clogged. Because the clogs are consistent, they may be deep into the pipe, which will make it difficult for you to remove them. Because of this, you should hire a plumber to take care of clogs for you.

Reasons for Clogs

The plumber will ask you how you use your kitchen sink to determine the reason why you are getting clogs all the time. Food is often the main culprit. Even if you scrape your plates after dinner, there is still likely food on them. Even small pieces of food can build up and cause a clog. Wipe your plates off with a paper towel before you put them in the sink. There is also a sink guard that you can purchase that will stop food from going down the drain. Another thing you can do is install a garbage disposal to prevent this from happening. Your plumber can install this for you if you choose to do this. 

Grease is another culprit of kitchen clogs. Even a small amount of grease on dishes can build up. Grease is sticky so it clings to the side of the pipes, making it difficult to remove. If you cook with grease, pour the grease out in a can. Let the grease harden, then throw it away. 

Remove Clogs

You can try drain cleaners to remove clogs, but these may not work for you. A plumber can use a drain snake to push the clog out. Even though are manual snakes that you can purchase at a home improvement store, a plumber generally uses a mechanical snake that works much better. 

If the plumber cannot find any clogs with the drain snake, the clogs are much deeper. They may use a camera to take images of the inside of the line so the plumber can see inside the pipes. This will tell them exactly where the clog is located. 

The plumber may choose to use a hydro jetting machine to remove the clog. This machine uses powerful water jets. These jets are powerful enough to break up any kind of clog even if there is built-up grease in the water line. The hydro jet will remove the clogs and thoroughly clean the inside of the water lines. 

A plumber can give you much more information on how they remove clogs. For more information about plumbing repair, contact a local professional.