The Two Cs

Advantages of Installing Wood Siding

Installing wood siding is an effective and creative way to add character to your home. Many types of this siding are available, ranging from traditional clapboard to newer engineered wood products. Additionally, you can choose from several finishes, including paint, stain, or a natural finish. Below are four benefits of choosing wood siding for your structure:

Visually Appealing

While wood siding can be personalized into different colors and finishes, it is also beautiful in its natural state. Its grain patterns can enrich the appearance and warm feel of your house. When selecting this siding, consult a contractor for guidance on which type of wood will give you the desired look. Moreover, some types of wood work better with certain finishes than others. Fortunately, a professional can guide you on the best finishes and colors for your wood siding.


A common misconception is that wood siding may not have a long lifespan due to issues like rot and pest damage. On the contrary, professionals can treat this siding to deal with termites. Moreover, the specialists resolve the rot issue by addressing the wood's vulnerability to moisture retention. Ensure that you also hire a professional to conduct regular inspections and maintenance so that any potential problems with the wood siding can be caught early and sorted out before they escalate.


Selecting siding calls for a consideration of all the aspects of its lifespan. With wood siding, in particular, its installation, repair, and painting are relatively straightforward, which helps to cut down on the time the contractor spends on your project. For example, in the case of repairs, the service doesn't need to incorporate the entire siding. Rather, the contractor can zero in on the affected area, restore it, and then reapply the necessary protection. This approach helps to keep your maintenance costs lower.

Boosts Your Home's Value

When buying a house, prospects are undoubtedly attracted to the exterior, drawing them in to look at the interior. Therefore, installing quality wood siding is an investment that can help sell your house more readily and at a favorable price. In addition to attracting prospective buyers, this siding demonstrates that you have taken measures to protect the house's structure. Thus, the buyer is less likely to face replacements due to damage, e.g., from weather elements.

Narrowing down your choice of the specific wood siding suitable for your needs may seem daunting. Nonetheless, residential siding installation contractors in your area have the knowledge and experience to help you make a choice that suits your area, your house's design, and your budget. They also ensure that their expert installation produces the desired result for your home.