The Two Cs

3 Reasons To Schedule Well Pump Maintenance Anyway

Many homes across the country get their water from private wells. These wells rely on specialized pump systems to help transport water from underground aquifers into a person's home.

Well pumps can go unnoticed by homeowners until they begin to fail. It's important that you make it a priority to have your pump maintained on a regular basis.

Here are three reasons why you should call a well pump expert for help, even when your pump seems to be working properly.

1. Maintain Well Safety 

The safety of your well should always be a top priority. Routine maintenance gives you the ability to closely regulate well safety. A well pump specialist can easily evaluate the overall condition and performance of your pump during a scheduled maintenance appointment.

Adjustments to the flow rate and water pressure can be made during these maintenance visits to help you preserve water during times of drought.

Overall, your private well will continue to function safely and efficiently when you choose to invest in regular maintenance for your well pump.

2. Maintain Water Quality

The water that comes from your private well doesn't go through any treatment processes like municipal water resources. There is no treatment plant to test your well water and treat the water to eliminate contaminants.

The quality of your well pump will have a direct impact on the quality of your water supply.

A pump that is functioning properly will not contribute to any water contamination in your well. Many pumps are even equipped with filtration systems that can remove potential contaminants from well water before it is pumped into your home.

Keeping your well pump in good condition through routine maintenance can help you maintain the quality of your well water over time.

3. Extend Pump Life

Scheduling routine maintenance appointments for your well pump provides a technician with the opportunity to evaluate your pump on a regular basis.

Any changes in the condition or performance of the pump can be documented and addressed before minor issues become major malfunctions. These ongoing repairs can help to extend the life of a well pump.

With the average cost of replacing a well pump ranging anywhere from $900 to $2,500, helping your existing pump work efficiently for a longer period of time can save you a significant amount of money.

Don't wait until your well pump starts showing signs of wear to schedule a maintenance appointment. Invest in routine maintenance to enhance the performance of your well pump.