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Recommendations To Install Decorative Rock For Your Landscaping

A yard with natural elements, such as vegetation and rock, will improve the look of your landscaping when you install them and keep them up for many years of enjoyment. But before you can have your dream landscaping decor, you need to plan out what types you want and make sure they are installed properly. Here are some tips to help you install decorative rock in your yard for improved landscaping.

Choose Your Decorative Rock

When it comes to picking the right rock for your landscaping space, not all are created equal. There are some types of rock that are only good for filler or for a compacted gravel parking area, but not for decor. Be sure you look for a decorative rock, such as decomposed granite, volcanic rock, or river rock. You can also select a larger rock like slate pavers, flat stepping stones, or flagstone slabs. You can also install large boulders to outline your property or protect it from vehicle traffic. 

Contact several landscaping supply companies in your area to check prices on the types of rock you want. You may find that one distributor has a better price for the same quality of rock, and they may be able to provide delivery. However, if you do need to pick up the rock yourself, make sure you arrange a dump trailer or flatbed trailer that will carry the weight of your decorative rock.

Protect Your Rock Features

When your landscaping rock is installed, you will want it to look great and last that way for quite a long time. But to do this you will need some preparation before you place your rock. If you simply lay the rock onto the bare soil, you will run the risk of weed growth around your rock. This type of weed intrusion is especially difficult to remove from around your decorative rock because you cannot pull the weeds by hand, and there is no way to dig them out with a spade because the rock is already placed. 

The soil surrounding the rock usually becomes hard and compacted, so to avoid having to remove your rock, make sure you place down a landscaping fabric weed barrier below the rock to protect them from weed growth. Cover the area with a durable landscaping fabric or geotextile that completely covers the area. Overlap any edges with one another by several inches and always anchor the edges of the landscape fabric using anchor pins or landscaping staples.

For more information, contact a landscaping supply company such as A & A Materials.