The Two Cs

The Basics Of Mold Removal: Why You Shouldn't DIY

With so much discussion about mold and the threats of mold damage along with its health concerns, it's no surprise that most homeowners are alert to the possibility of mold growth in their homes. Unfortunately, many of those homeowners are also misinformed about how to deal with that mold when they do find it. If you've been thinking about handling your home's mold issues on your own, it's essential that you understand why that's not such a good idea. Here are a few key reasons why it's best to reach out to a local mold removal company.

You Can't Be Sure What It Is

One of the most significant reasons to avoid trying to deal with mold removal on your own is because you lack the experience and expertise to recognize the specific type of mold. It's important that you are able to identify the type of mold that you're dealing with in order to address it correctly and safely. 

Certain strains of mold, like black mold, can be more harmful to your health than others. You'll need to take extra safety precautions when you're dealing with those types of mold, and you may need harsher treatment methods as well. A professional mold removal contractor will be able to identify and address various strains of mold you may have in your home with ease and safety.

You Don't Have The Proper Training

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the best ways to get rid of mold. Unfortunately, many of them are just inherently wrong. For example, you may have heard that all you have to do is spray the area with bleach, or just paint over it all to fix the problem. Neither of these things will fix the problem, especially if you're dealing with porous surfaces. Bleach can't penetrate porous surfaces enough to effectively address a mold problem, and painting over mold doesn't get rid of it, it just covers it.

Instead, you should work with a professional mold removal contractor to address the problem because they will have the equipment and supplies to clean up the mold you can see, but also treat the spores that you can't. This can help protect against a recurrence.

You May Miss Affected Areas

Another reason why you should turn to a professional is that it's easy to overlook potentially affected areas when you don't have the expertise in the field. If you miss an area, that could leave your home vulnerable to a potential recurrence. That's why it's important to be as proactive as possible about working with a professional.

Talk with a mold removal specialist today for more help, or visit their website for additional reading.