The Two Cs

Water Well Installation and Care Information for Homeowners

Water wells can be one of the best options for providing your home with a source of reliable water. While drilling a water well is a big investment to make in your property, it is possible for this to still be a project that is relatively easy for you to manage.

Can You Treat or Filter The Water From the Well?

One of the limitations of choosing to install a water well is that the quality of the water may not be as high as some people would want. Luckily, this is an issue that can be addressed with the use of a filtration or water treatment system that is designed to be used with water wells. These systems may be able to be connected to the pump so that the water can be treated and the quality improved. These water treatment systems will need to be carefully calibrated to the output of your water well so that they will not negatively impact the performance of the well while still dramatically improving the quality of the water.

What Happens to the Output From the Well When There Are Periods of Below Average Rainfall?

During periods of below-average rainfall, the underground water source can experience a decrease in the amount of water that is available. Depending on the depth of your water well, this could lead to a decrease in the amount of pressure that it provides. In extreme cases, the well may even be unable to produce water. This can typically be minimized by ensuring that the well is drilled deep into the underground water source. This will greatly reduce the impacts that temporary changes in the overall water level have on your home's well system. If you notice that your well's performance starts to suffer during periods of dry weather, you may want to have a water well contractor assess it to determine whether it would benefit from being drilled deeper.

What Type of Maintenance Will You Have to Provide to Your Water Well?

Having a water well drilled will be a major investment in your property, and you will need to take active steps to keep it in good condition so that you will not have to go through the process of having it re-drilled. While it is essential to meet the maintenance needs of your new water well, this will not require much work on your part. The well and pump will need to be serviced at regular intervals, but this is a task that a professional water well service contractor will need to perform.

For more information about water well systems, contact a professional near you.