The Two Cs

What Are the Dangers of Failing to Do Septic Tank Cleaning

If you use a septic tank system, you shouldn't rest easy and assume all is well, without regular inspections to check whether you need to pump the tank. Regardless of the septic tank size, one day it will fill up, and sometimes sooner than you expect. When this isn't done properly, it can harm your family, neighbors, and the environment. Here are the risks you run when you fail to do septic tank cleaning on time:

Your Family Faces Health Hazards

Lack of septic tank cleaning places your family at risk. The septic tank is generally in the yard, so it will cause contamination of this space when it spills over. Children playing in the yard can become infected when playing in this contaminated space.

The gases wafting from the tank can also cause discomfort, especially stomach upsets. There are people who suffer from respiratory allergies from these gases. These gas and effluent spills will also affect your neighbors.

The spilling effluent is also attractive to assorted vermin who come to feed in the rich ecosystem created by the thriving vegetation. You will start to see rats, ants and other pests in the house.

Risks of Groundwater Contamination

A septic tank also plays an important environmental role. A septic system uses the natural process of the breakdown of solid waste by bacterial action in a location where it is protected from surface water run-off, which can cause pollution.

It protects your groundwater from contamination, since the solids stay separated from the drain field area and settle to the bottom of your tank. Failure to call the septic tank cleaning services causes the effluent to percolate into underground water.

Plumbing Failure Risks

You risk a whole house plumbing failure when you wait too long to call for a septic tank pumping. This can happen when the sludge backs up and clogs the drain in your house.

This can lead to waterlogged basements, high water bills and bad indoor air quality. It is also unhealthy, as it will encourage mold growth.

You Risk Legal Problems

The way you handle the septic tank can raise the attention of the authorities if it is inconveniencing your neighbors, and the greater public. If there are strong smells coming off your property, or effluent flowing onto your neighbor's property, you risk legal problems. It could even attract financial problems if you are forced to do remediation for overflowing effluent on your neighbors' properties.

Does your septic tank show signs it needs pumping? Call septic tank cleaning services ASAP and keep your family safe.