The Two Cs

Outdoor Faucet Upgrades And Installations

Having access to hot and cold water while outdoors will support cleaning equipment, dishes, and other materials that are stored on your property. Hot water may also aid in effectively removing debris from your vehicles and recreational equipment. Hire a plumbing contractor and choose to have an existing faucet updated or one or more new ones and accessories installed.

The Bib Materials And The Location

A hose bib is the metal extension that contains a spigot and threading. The threading will allow an end user to attach a garden hose. An outside faucet that contains hot/cold temperature controls can be adjusted as needed.

Stainless steel plumbing components do not require a separate finish. Stainless steel is adequate for outdoor use because it will not tarnish or rust. A brass or copper alloy bib may require a non-reactive metal finish, such as chrome.

Paint, lacquer, or a powder coating can be applied to unfinished metal, if a specific color or texture is desired for the surface of the plumbing materials that will protrude from the side of a home. A plumbing contractor can perform upgrades to plumbing pieces that are already used, to provide access to hot and cold running water.

If plumbing components are old and damaged or if the current faucet location isn't convenient to use, additional spigots can be installed around the perimeter of a home. Faucets are usually located along the bottom portion of a residence, to align with the main plumbing pieces that supply indoor faucets with running water.

Added Features

If freezing temperatures contribute to the loss of running water outdoors during the winter, speak to your contractor about upgraded materials that will prevent pipes from freezing. A frost-proof spigot contains a deep-seated shutoff valve. This valve will prevent water from backing up into the line.

With the addition of a frost-proof spigot, it is still important to disconnect a hose that is attached to the faucet, since standing water could remain inside of it and potentially freeze. Another alternative is to have outdoor plumbing insulated. Insulation sleeves and covers will protect pipes from bursting.

If a high volume of hot and cold water is needed for outdoor use, ask your plumbing contractor about some upgrades that will support the use of more water. An outdoor kitchen that contains a sink or a separate sink unit that is installed next to your home will provide ease of access and a viable way to clean bulky items that may be difficult to clean with the use of a standard outdoor faucet