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Foundation Repair Options That Raise, Level, Or Support The Foundation Of Your Home

Foundation damage has the potential to be serious. It affects the value of your home, and it can put your family at risk when the structure of your house is unsafe. A foundation repair service will inspect your home and verify if your foundation is in need of repairs. Here's when to suspect your foundation is in trouble and some ways foundation repair might be done.

When To Check The Foundation Of Your Home

Cracks are an obvious sign of foundation damage, but you might want your foundation checked if your basement is wet frequently. Water can seep through concrete, so a wet basement might signify there is too much water in the soil that is causing the soil to shift. Your walls might have cracks in them, but some might be cosmetic and not a cause for concern. That's why it's important to bring in a foundation repair service.

The company may look for sagging floors, stuck windows, uneven doors, cracks in walls, and cracks in tile floors. Some settling of your home is normal, and it may take a professional to determine if your foundation is damaged and if your home has structural problems as a result of foundation damage.

How Foundation Repairs Are Done

The method for foundation repair might depend on the type of foundation you have. For instance, your home might be built directly on a concrete slab, over a basement, or over a crawl space. A foundation repair method that works for one type of home may not work for another.

Before work begins, the contractor may need to figure out what caused your foundation to shift. Unstable soil is often the cause. Soil might shift due to problems with drainage, and if that's the case, the cause of the damage might need to be addressed too. This might be done by adding a drainage system to your yard.

Foundations can be raised, leveled, and supported in various ways. The contractor might add expanding foam under the slab to fill voids and raise the foundation. They might use piers instead. Your foundation might be repaired from inside the house or outside depending on the method used. Some types of repair might be disruptive and others much less so.

Foundation repairs may be permanent while others may need to be done again in several years. Your contractor will let you know what to expect when it comes to how long the repairs will take, what they cost, and how long the repairs will last.

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