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Struggling To Keep A Fire Burning In Your Fireplace? Learn How Chimney Cleaning Services Can Help

Lighting a fire inside a residential fireplace is typically a relatively simple task. This is especially true if you choose to purchase firewood that is designed specifically for this use since these products often come with instructions for easy lighting. However, over time you may find that lighting a fire inside your fireplace or keeping a fire lit has become an increasingly difficult task. If you are currently experiencing this issue, read on to learn more about how chimney cleaning services can help to resolve this problem once and for all.

Have Animals Made Their Home Inside Your Chimney?

While animals clearly would not be able to safely inhabit your chimney during the cold winter months when your fireplace is in use, your chimney can actually provide the perfect space for creatures such as birds and squirrels to build their nests during the summer and spring seasons. Even after the animals have fled the area to search for a more suitable winter home, their nests will remain and cause a blockage that prevents air from properly flowing through your chimney. Since fires require oxygen to start and to burn, this reduced airflow can cause rather serious issues when it comes to successfully getting a fire going inside your fireplace. 

Having your chimney cleaned each year before the winter heating season begins will allow you to ensure that any animals that have chosen to make their home inside your chimney have vacated the area and that their nests have been removed as well. 

Are Soot And Creosote Deposits Building Up Inside Your Chimney?

Each time you use your fireplace soot and creosote deposits are left behind both inside your fireplace and your chimney. While these deposits are a natural result of burning wood, they can become thick over time and reduce the airflow through your chimney. Again, this reduced airflow will have an impact on your ability to maintain a fire. 

In addition to causing problems with your ability to start or maintain a fire, these deposits can also leave behind rather strong odors that will linger throughout your home. Thick soot deposits can also cause smoke to back up into your home rather than safely exiting your home through the chimney. This can result in smoke damage to any nearby furniture. Having your chimney professionally cleaned can allow you to avoid all of these issues and the damage that they can cause. To learn more, contact a company like Sposato Masonry.