The Two Cs

When You Should Get Your Helical Pier Foundations Investigated For Repairs

There are many different types of foundations, from concrete slabs to stumps, and each has its own benefits. However, for most types of foundations, it is obvious when you need to repair them as you will see a noticeable crack, or perhaps you will see the flooring itself shifting. In those cases, foundation repair services can be called immediately and the road to recovery can begin. But how do you know when your helical pier foundations need to be repaired when they are almost entirely below ground? Here are a few signs that you should call foundation repair services to at least investigate your helical piers. 

Natural Disasters

Because helical piers are so deeply embedded in the earth, the damage can be almost invisible and so sometimes you need to watch for external signs that could damage your foundations. For example, earthquakes, flooding, and strong hurricanes can all damage your helical piers with minimal surface disturbance. That is why it is often advised that after a major disaster of those kinds, or even a minor one, that you get your foundations inspected. Most of the time your helical piers will come through unscathed, but on the off chance that they are damaged, you would rather know than have this information covered up. 

Uneven Chimney

You might not realize this but most chimneys have their own foundations that are closely connected to your main house. Because chimneys are much smaller in width and volume than your main house, any problems with the foundations will show up more obviously with the chimney than your house. So, if you see that your chimney has a slight lean to it, then it is definitely time to call foundation repair services, not just for the chimney itself, but for the entire house as well.

Doors Jarring

Often a disruption to your home's foundations is very slight to the point where it is imperceptible to the human eye and you can only see the symptoms of the problem, not the actual foundational problem itself. A great example of this is uneven flooring or walls causing the doors in your home to jar when you open them. This can be quite a curious effect that is often blamed first and foremost on the door itself. But, if you have a handyman come and take a look at your door and they tell you that everything seems to be in order, your next call should be to a foundation repair service to get your helical piers examined. 

For more information, contact foundation repair services in your area.