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Remodeling Your Kitchen? 4 Types Of Wood You Can Choose For Your Countertops

After being eclipsed by natural stone, quartz, and concrete, wood is slowly making a comeback in kitchen countertops. Remodeling your kitchen to include wooden countertops is an investment you want to last for years to come. Using wood for your countertops will leave you with a stunning and efficient surface for all your kitchen needs. That said, you might wonder what type of wood to use, given the wide variety of wood countertop options available in the market. Here is an overview of the best types of wood countertops to help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen. 

Hard Maple 

Hardwood maple countertops are highly regarded for their strength, durability, and warm tone that blends well with any kitchen space. Maple countertops are also highly resistant to abrasion and are relatively cheap compared to other wood alternatives. With that said, maple countertops require regular maintenance to avoid premature wearing, either by treating the wood or refinishing it with a new stain.


Walnut wood countertops are primarily made from black walnut and are a premium option thanks to their durability, strength, and color choices. Walnut countertops will easily withstand years of wear and tear with minimal care or the need for regular staining. Walnut also shapes well and has a unique classical style that is bound to make an impression in any space. These countertops make the perfect choice for homeowners who want to create a warm, inviting space that will last longer. 


Oak is a highly treasured tree species and is one of the best wood types to use for kitchen countertops, thanks to its natural beauty, character, and warmth. Oak countertops give a kitchen the perfect combination of beauty, attractive hues, quality feel, and affordability. They are relatively affordable compared to walnut and cherry wood countertops, so you can easily achieve a similar warm, inviting space without paying too much. 


If you are looking to spend more money, then mahogany countertops make a perfect choice. Mahogany, the preferred wood of luxury, will add a striking exotic look to your space, especially if you are a big fan of entertaining in the kitchen. 

Mahogany countertops will perfectly complement a bright kitchen with esthetic qualities that create a beautiful personalized space. Mahogany countertops will require regular care to maintain their unique character and keep them in pristine condition. 

Ensure you contact a contractor near you for a seamless finish to create and install the best wooden countertops for your kitchen. The contractor can also help you with your maintenance needs to keep your kitchen countertops stable and beautiful. Check out websites like to learn more.