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Six Mistakes That Can Detract From the Efficiency of a Well Pump

If you want to minimize the operating expenses of using your well pump, you need to put effort into well pump efficiency. There are a few commonly made mistakes that are known for detracting from efficiency.

The following are six mistakes that can detract from the efficiency of a well pump. 

Neglecting to monitor pump performance using gauges

Gauges are important for monitoring the performance of a well pump. Gauges can show issues like a low discharge pressure that typically mean that pump components are becoming worn out. It's important to monitor gauges to see whether a pump is continuing to function with an acceptable level of efficiency. 

Not having air charge set to the right pressure

A well pump has an air bladder that is important for ensuring efficiency. One sign that a tank's air bladder is not functioning optimally is when the system continues pumping for an unusually long period of time. This could be an indication that the pressure setting needs to be adjusted. 

Failing to keep a well pump system clean

Cleanliness is important for optimizing well pump performance. If a well pump system is not cleaned frequently enough, ants or bugs can get into the system and cause damage to the wiring. This can significantly detract from electrical efficiency.

Periodically having a well system cleaned and using deterrents to keep pests away can help maintain and improve efficiency over time. 

Neglecting routine well pump inspections

A well pump needs to be inspected once or twice a year to check on its performance. During inspections, it's a good idea to check the wiring amperage and inspect for any corrosion development on the wiring. 

Having the wrong size well pump in place

A well pump operates most efficiently when it is properly sized for the application in question. Unfortunately, it's common for well pumps to have more horsepower than they need or a larger than necessary discharge pool spool. This will inevitably lead to wasted energy. 

One of the best tools out there for properly sizing a well pump is pipe modeling software. 

Choosing a pump model without modern efficiency features

Choosing the right well pump model from the beginning is important. Well pumps are available with efficiency features.

If your well pump is not operating as efficiently as you'd like, replacing your well pump with a more efficient model might be the best solution. Over time, you'll get back your investment in utility savings. For more information, contact a well pump service like Hull Well & Pump Service