The Two Cs

Some Information On Siding Options

Choosing the right siding for your home is important for a number of reasons. It affects the overall look of your home, how easy the maintenance will be, and how long the siding will last over time. Before coming to a decision, learn more about different types of siding here.  

Wood siding comes in a lot of styles

If you like the idea of wood siding, then you have many styles and types you can choose from. There is beveled siding, shingle siding, shingle siding, shake siding, board and batten siding, and many others. There are treatments to seal and protect wood siding, so there will be fewer chances of it being damaged by moisture and even insects such as termites. Wood siding can be painted and even repainted when you decide to change the color of your home. It can often be easily repaired and sections easily replaced in the future should the need to have either or both of these things arise. The cost of wood siding also varies greatly, so you can choose what fits your finances. 

Brick or stone siding can offer a great look

If you like the look of brick or stone siding, then you may be surprised to learn how easy it is to have it installed. It can seem like a big undertaking because you may be under the impression that entire bricks or stones are used, which would be very heavy and even dangerous. However, brick and stone siding is applied to the home in thin sections that are installed over wood and this means it isn't nearly as heavy as you may have imagined. The good news about brick and stone is they are both termite resistant, weather-resistant, and even fire-resistant. They offer you a very long-lasting and low-maintenance type of siding that can help you get just the look you want for your home's exterior. 

Vinyl siding can offer the look of many materials, plus additional benefits

Vinyl siding has become a very popular choice because it can give homeowner's the look of other types of siding, as well as other benefits and advantages. For example, it can look like wood, without any of the concerns over any weather or insect damage. Plus, vinyl siding is easy to install and it can be an affordable option that will also continue to save you money on maintenance throughout the years. It won't need to be painted, but it can be should you decide to change the color of the house. Contact a company like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements to get started.