The Two Cs

Three Garage Door Top Styles

When you're either building a new home or remodeling the front of your existing home, putting a lot of thought into how your new garage door will look is instrumental to enhancing the curb appeal of the residence. There are many different things to consider, including what material you want for the door, what color it should be, and whether or not it should feature a row of small windows. Another thing that you'll want to think about is what top style the door will have. There are several different choices, so don't hesitate to discuss the merits of each one with your local garage door company. Here are three styles that you'll commonly encounter.

Flat Top

Garage doors that have flat tops are arguably the most common. If you look at your neighbors' garage doors, there's a good chance that at least a few of them have flat tops. A flat-topped garage door offers a few visual advantages. If the front of your home has a lot of horizontal lines, a flat-topped door will be a good visual fit. Additionally, because of the popularity of this design, you won't have trouble finding the garage door with this specific appearance that you want.

Arched Top

If you want to go in a completely different direction, a garage door with an arched top can be an idea to explore. Arched garage doors tend to have slightly regal looks; you'll commonly find them on homes in higher-end communities. For some homeowners, this style of garage door can be a good way to enhance the front of the home. If you feel there are too many straight elements on the front of your home, the curved arch on top of your garage door can help to create more visual interest.

Clipped Corner Top

Another option to consider when you're evaluating how you want the top of your garage to look is to choose what is known as a clipped corner design. In this design, the majority of the top is horizontal, but the two corners are angled inward. This style isn't as common as the flat-top look, which can make it appealing if you're looking for a unique design that will set your home apart from the other homes around it. Discuss these and other garage door top styles with Roll Rite Garage Doors to decide which look will be right for your home.